Furs by natalia


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Shop our collection. View our new AW18 styles as well as our permanent collection which both have been quickly gaining recognition across the winter fashion scene.

Established early 2015

Beautifully crafted natural fur coats and vests available in a range of fabulous colours, it's the ultimate staple piece of any wardrobe. All styles on our website are available to order with worldwide shipping.

A soft launch of aw18

Welcome to our take on AW18 recently shot in Santorini, Greece. We hope that you stay around to view our full collection as the season progresses.


Flat fox fur design with mid waist length, full sleeves and a collar. The huge fox fur sleeve shape have been left as natural as possible to keep the beautiful original shape, which is complimented beautifully by the double sided collar. The colour block design has only been seen at Furs By Natalia


A completely flat, un-stretched fox fur pelt is used to create some new in designs. A hugely popular trend for this winter at Furs By Natalia.